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Chill Tracks with the Revive

Chill Tracks with the Revive

The Revive speaker was created to simplify and help clean up bedside table clutter by combining a speaker, lamp, and charger into one. All of these things many of us have within arm’s reach as we sleep at night. These are also many items we need when at our desk, in the kitchen, or loads of other places, because let’s face it, we’re constantly wanting to charge our phones, listen to music and podcasts, or add a little light to see better.

Instead of power cords running everywhere and fighting with what to unplug to be able to free up an outlet for your other electronics the Revive just takes a single one. So, we invite you to relax, recharge, and maybe even take a little snooze to our Chill Revive playlist inspired by the peace of mind and clearing of clutter the Revive offers.

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