Meet the Goodest Boy (and Girl) Toro & Uni, the Japanese Chihuahuas

Meet the Goodest Boy (and Girl) Toro & Uni, the Japanese Chihuahuas
It's hard not to love Japanese influenced design. From the zen-like minimalistic, to the clean, bare concrete spaces, it checks off everything we love in interior decor.  However, in looking to tour one of our favorite houses in Hokkaido, the northern most island of Japan, we were met with two, tiny surprises... 

Upon entering Chie's household, you're immediately drawn to her eclectic Japanese-style aesthetic comprised mainly of crisp neutral tones, plenty of houseplants, and warm textures. But even the best interior designers would be hard-pressed to outshine the stars of the show: 6 year old Toro, and 2 year old Uni, the blonde long coat Chihuahua and black haired Chihuahua/Japanese Chin mix, respectively.

With the help of our friends in Tokyo at NAVYS Inc., we sat down with Chie to hear more about the goodest boy and girl, whose adorableness and playful nature have taken the internet by storm.

Tivoli: How did you come to adopt these two?
With both of them it was love at first sight. Our kids had grown up and we relocated to our new house, so six years ago I decided to adopt Toro. A few years later it felt like it was time to adopt another, and that's when I met Uni!

Tivoli: What's a typical day like for you guys?
They are exactly as you see on Instagram! We sleep separately, but when I wake up and go to the living room in the morning, they are always waiting for me wagging their tails.

Tivoli: Can they do any tricks?
We have a few favorites. When I point my finger and say, "Baaang!!", Toro will roll over and play dead. Uni on the other hand, Uni does nothing...

Tivoli: It looks like they have plenty of outerwear to choose from...
Yes, they love their knitwear with fruit patterns. Toro is usually wearing a lemon pattern, and Uni will typically go with strawberry.

Tivoli: And what about their choice of dog toys?

They love their small stuffed Panda. They chew holes in it, I sew it up, they make more holes, and I sew them up...over and over, again and again for six years running.

Tivoli: Most importantly, what music do they love to listen to, and how do they show their appreciation?
I listen to the radio and music on my Model One Digital all day long. We mostly relax and listen to quiet, soothing music. It seems to work for both dogs and human being.


Model One Digital (Generation 2)

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