3 Must-See Places For Your Next Cross-Country Road Trip

3 Must-See Places For Your Next Cross-Country Road Trip

We don’t know about you, but there is nothing we like more at Tivoli Audio than throwing on our favorite radio station and hitting the road for a classic, cross-country road trip. So it’s no wonder that we were instantly drawn to Vanspeed Shop! Their custom designed and hand-crafted camper vans are must-haves as you plan your next adventure.

We sat down with their team to learn more about the work that they do, and some of the unbelievable places they’ve seen on the road. So put yourself in park, hit play on this road trip playlist, and keep on reading.



 Tell us a little about what you guys do.

Put simply, we design and build high-quality vans. Our goal is to provide a handcrafted vehicle that's built for adventure and gives you the freedom to travel anywhere at a moment's notice while having the luxury and comfort of your own home.




We started off doing every van custom, but have since started doing more platformed builds that customers are can take and customize as they choose. This makes the process faster, and shows exactly what you’re going to get. These models are based on past builds that have an overall great function, fit, finish, and comfort. 


How has business been this year?

Van travel in the last year has skyrocketed. Interest in traveling by van had been on the rise before Covid, but during the pandemic it really took off. The pandemic really pushed people to try traveling locally and country-wide, and to move to new types of transportation.




“Road trip” is a quintessentially American idea. It’s a rite of passage; not to mention, it’s an amazing way to see every corner of this diverse, beautiful country. What are some of your must-see sites on a cross-country road trip?


Llamaland Tent Camping, Texas

We love traveling in the South, and one of our favorite places to pull up and rest is Llamaland. The name is as it sounds – the camping ground hosts llamas that you can feed and hang out with! It’s located in Tool, Texas, near the Cedar Creek Reservoir. For $30, you can park overnight on the private ranch, and they allow camper vans and RVs up to 45 feet long.



Willow Springs Trail, Utah

There’s nothing like the desert. Willow Springs is a must-visit for anyone living life on the road. You can park for free (just check the National Parks Service site before to make sure nothing has changed, and conditions are good), and wake up to gorgeous rocky views of Moab. Not to mention, you’re a hop-skip-and-a-jump from Arches, Canyonlands National Parks, and Dead Horse State Park.



The Northern Pacific Coast

When people think of a classic road trip, they think of the Northern Pacific Coast. The whole coast boasts jaw-dropping cliffs, miles of untouched beach, and hikes through the famous Redwoods. 


Model Three BT


Head to https://www.vanspeedshop.com/ to start building your dream van today.

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